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Let us do the research.

You need a simple list of specific information.
So specific you can't find it online all in one place. 

About One Time List

The idea for this product was born from necessity, as good ideas often are. Friends, clients, and potential clients kept asking for just one list.

One list of local contacts, one list of speaking engagements in New York next Spring, one list of media that attend a certain event, a list of the podcasts that cover my product, and ... here we are.

We will create one made-to-order list for a flat fee.

Save Yourself

  • The hassle of doing the online research. You know the information exists, you just can't find it in one place -- or in the format you need.
  • The expense of buying a big database or subscription service when you only need one list right now.
  • The headache of formatting and sorting the information you receive.
  • From procrastinating any longer. Our pricing does not create a barrier. Think of the time you'll save.

About Our Parent Company  
Pietryla PR & Marketing is a boutique PR firm in Chicago. Primarily, they work with healthcare, cleantech, energy, manufacturing, and professional services clients. They specialize in media relations, crisis communications, communication content development, and corporate marketing strategy.

Its range of services is broad but typically includes solutions tailored to B2B companies including: marketing planning and execution, digital content creation and management, media relations and investor relations. Many times, they are used as an Interim CMO - all the knowledge and resources of an executive without the expensive employee costs.

One Time List is a research service offered exclusively by Pietryla PR & Marketing. 

We respond within a few hours and keep your contact information private.


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